Update Doll Dress on Sep09

Hi! Everyone

long time no see in Doll category ,That you see my blog always have a trip and eating 🙂

So for now ,I will  update my doll dress shop

I got big order from one my exiting customer on etsy.com

She love my dress and want to buy more for be a little gift to her friends.I’m very glad 🙂

I design  a new dress for her,

I don’t on’t know she will add order or not but I just wat to show you,because I’m  in love on it 🙂


CODE: S0401 /Little Layer Dress in Brown polka dot


Little rabbit so cute!


Luv it!


CODE : S0501 /Layer CupCake

Actually I brought his fabric for my new doll,Her name is “Cupcake”

I will sewing for her  (yo-sd) …(one day soon)


OH! Pink polka dot is my favorite thing..alwaysuse it hehe+


CODE S0601 /Russian Doll Dress

This fabric will not available anymore,I just change design a little bit about blue sleeve in a bottom ,I thought it better cute than the past 🙂


If you like it ,Contact me at ipumuq@gmail.com

It’s all available on my etsy shop soon!

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  1. Pum I received the large order of dresses you created for me. They are perfect in every way. Your creative designs, choice of fabrics, attention to detail and skill are impressive. I will avidly follow your etsy store for additional items. Signed, a very happy customer indeed. Gwen

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